WR AquaKitch (Ultra-Violet)

The unique NATURAL CLEANING operation of WR AquaKitch enable near-zero maintenance yet assuring clean filter at all times.


RM 2300


(including installation)

WR AquaKitch (Ultra-Violet)


UF membrane requires no maintenance, and has unlimited life span, provided the installation is properly done and based on normal kitchen usage.
When the main incoming water passes through the UF membrane, the water will be automatically separated to meet two different basic requirements: *
– extremely clean, toxic-tree, safe and healthy water for drinking purpose and
– high flow-rate unfiltered water for washing

As the main tap (normally for washing) is turned on, this action will naturally clean the membrane through high flow flushing. Solely based the normal kitchen habit of washing, the membrane will naturally, remain at all times.
Such unique cleaning efficiency also overcomes the weakness of low anti-fouling index (an indicator of difficulty to be cleaned) of Polysulphonate, the food-graded material used for the membrane.
Furthermore, the UF membrane, with its ability filter particles down to 0.01 micron, is capable of separating not just bacteria, but also viruses. Despite this favourable ability, the main function of the membrane is to merely the activated carbon from pre-exhaustion, a far simpler role in comparison to the earlier.


With inlet treated water filtered down to 0.01 micron, the granular activated carbon will never encounter pre-exhaustion due to dirt-coating or bacterial-fouling.

Whilst finer carbon more effective in treating water as compared to coarser ones, however, it will restrict the water flow once the carbon is fouled by the deposition of sediments especially after a certain period of usage.

For your information, imported universal cartridges’ carbons are designed to be coarser because they have no control over the pre-treatment process.Our carbon is not only finer, but it is designed based on local water conditions and the Iodine number of not less than 1100mg/g.



The UV Sterilizing chamber is pressurised and made of stainless steel. This means, once the outlet valve is closed, the UV chamber inside is pressurised by the incoming water especially during the night.

The advantage of pressurised UV is its ability to prevent bacteria from the system through the exposed outlet (for non-pressurised UV) especially after a long period of idling.

The cost of material and its construction is also much higher than the non-pressurized ones.


The whole filter system is hidden underneath the sink, inside the kitchen cabinet.

The reason we are able to “hide” the filter is because this unique filter system requires no maintenance; instead, it will be naturally cleaned every time the main tap is turned on.


UV lamp should be replaced after not more than 4000 hours of operation.

Activated carbon should be replaced after 2 years of operation (normal household) and Ultra-Filtration Membrane should be replaced after 5 years of use.

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