WR 1054 A

Love the unpolluted water from deep in the jungle? As a nature lover, how nice it would be to have this as your tap water at home. Only with automatic backwash activated carbon media filter, achieving such quality water can be possible. Although not fully sterilized, bacteria are strictly put under control.


RM 4300

(including installation)

WR 1054 A

While others emphasize on the cleanliness of the water, our emphasis is on CLEAN FILTER, because a DIRTY FILTER will produce clean, but NOT HEALTHY water.

The benefits of daily mid-night backwash operation by AquaHome’s automatic valve:

Usually the flow-rate of city water supply is much higher during or after mid-night, thus enabling it to achieve the basic requirement of higher-than-usual backwash now-rate.

The presence of high residual chlorine in our city water helps to sterilize the top portion of the carbon bed during normal filtration and the lowest portion during backwash. However, only a very high backwash flow-rate will enable the chlorine to have full contact with the whole carbon bed. Coupled with frequent backwashing, bacteria will not have sufficient time to colonize within the carbon bed.


No maintenance is required because the system automatically back flushes, rinses and cleans itself every midnight.

Why auto-backwash?

Just for the sake of easy operation?

Bear in mind, healthy treated water cannot be achieved without the right (not merely easy) operation.

The right operation: backwashing frequently with extra high flow-rate.

Getting rid of the hustle (complicated process practiced by professionals worldwide) and yet complying with the abc.ve requirements; replacing it with daily midnight backwash is simply the right solution.

Operating Procedure

Treating raw water by allowing it to flow (through the filter media) from top to bottom.

High velocity water flows upward from the bottom. Thus, loosening the filter media and creating a passage to allow trapped sediment to be flushed out efficiently.

Same flow pattern as normal filtration but water is drained off instead to assure clean water before consumption – all in a short time.

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