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We are Best Market Research Professionals in Malaysia with more than 15 years experiences.

Our philosophy as a field force organization is to provide high quality data to our clients in a timely and efficient manner using our systematic and organized process and procedures. This is supplemented by our highly trained, honest, diligent and resourceful staff to deliver the highest level of service to our clients.

The Need
Large corporate customers are demanding for more stringent marketing research as vital inputs to their critical planning. This necessitates a more rigorous research process at every stage. This rigorous demand for quality research data has resulted in a new emerging trend, whereby there is an increasing need for an agency to become specialized in providing only fieldwork and delivering superior quality data collection services.
Wangsamas Resources specializes in quantitative data collection, field interviewers’ recruitment, training and the supervision of field interviewers. We has developed very stringent data collection processes to ensure that extremely high quality data is delivered to our clients. These efforts are supplemented by strong supervisory controls to ensure that professional standards demanded in research data collections are consistently achieved. As part of our service portfolio, we also provide data entry services.

Work With Us

Face-To-Face Interviews Description Respondents are interviewed in person Approach Door-to-door (housing area, commercial area) Street intercepts – respondents identified and interviewed in public areas Mall intercepts – respondents identified and interviewed at shopping malls Quality control measures Field supervision / witnessing Quality check Call-back audit Previous projects

• Customer satisfaction survey

• Market sentiments study

• Brand image survey

• Ad concept testing

• Product concept testing

• Product features trade-off

• And many others

Mystery Shopper Description Audit or check on the implementation of operational standards in retail or service outlet Approach Auditor evaluates outlet services through observation & interaction with staff Evaluate service standards via telephone interaction Quality control measures Photograph of outlet / location (for outstation locations) Receipts (where purchases are required) Records of phone calls Previous projects

• Service Centre Mystery Shopper Survey (Automotive)

• Front Office Mystery Shopper Survey (Bank)

• Retail Outlet Mystery Shopper Survey (Retail)

• Retail Outlet Mystery Shopper Survey (Bathroom accessories)

Phone Interviews Description Respondents are interviewed via phone Approach Using internal as well as external database of customers Pen & paper interview – recording of interview answers on physical questionnaire Computer-assisted phone interview (CATI) – interview conducted with computer assistance, with answers directly entered into the computer Quality control measures Call centre supervision Call-back audit Record of phone calls Previous projects

• Customer satisfaction survey

• Market sentiments survey

• IT adoption behaviour survey

• Database enhancement survey

• Vehicle insurance survey

Sample Distribution Description Distribute samples to potential target customers. This can sometimes be accompanied by a short questionnaire where call-backs are made to obtain feedbacks on the trial Approach Door-to-door mail drops – distribution of items to mailboxes or specific person(s) Central location distribution – distribution at a specified area Quality control measures Field supervision Random tracking Previous projects

• Shampoo sample distribution

• Sample distribution of beverage sachets

Central Location Test Description Respondents are intercepted and interviewed at specific locations, usually shopping centres
Approach Setting up of booths at specific areas in the shopping malls and interviewers will approach potential respondents to qualify them for interviews
Quality control measures Field supervision / witnessing Quality check Call-back audit
Previous projects

• Fragrance / sniff test

• Taste test

• Packaging test Fieldwork Audit Services Description Third party quality control of survey work
Approach Field witnessing – observation in the field to ensure fieldwork is conducted as specified Tape audit – listening of taped interviews to validate questionnaire answers Call-back audit – contacting respondents for verification
Quality control measures Audit supervision
Previous projects

• Automotive survey audit Data Entry Services (Quantitative) Description Input of questionnaire answers into computer format
Approach Client will provide copies of the questionnaires, coding and soft copy format of data file structure Data entry format in Excel, Access or SPSS format
Quality control measures Quality check Double-entry Outliers

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